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At New Gold Mountain we take great pride in offering you healthy, delicious food.

All of the selections in our menu are cooked quickly to seal in the natural flavors and juices without being greasy.  We use only lean meats, succulent seafood, fresh vegetables, and authentic herbs and spices.

Our home recipes from China are made in the old-style, as they were created and prepared generations ago. To maintain our high standard, great care goes into every detail, ensuring quality with each meal.

The next time someone says that Chinese food isn’t healthy, we’re proud to say they haven’t been to the "New Gold Mountain"

Please choose from our wide variety of popular Chinese dishes and taste why New Gold Mountain is the LEADER in quality Chinese food.

Enjoy your meal...and experience the difference many years of excellence makes !


What’s new at Gold Mountain Restaurant?

Introducing Exceedingly Delicious Cakes by Jane!

If there is such a thing as a healthy cake, then you must give our fresh and exceedingly delicious cake a try.

It is freshly baked with half the sugar of your typical bakery cake. The cake has a sponge/angel food cake like consistency.

Plus, it is made with simple ingredients - nothing artificial!

To complete the cake, it has a light frosting and it is filled and decorated with fresh seasonal fruit.

These cakes are a great treat for birthdays, weddings, special occassions or just your ordinary Monday.

Please call Jane (402-496-1688) to inquire and order.

The cakes require 24 hours notice to complete.

New Gold Mountain Dim Sum:

Authentically prepared Dim Sum ... a must try adventure!

Dim Sum is a Cantonese phrase, literally "touch the heart" (order to your heart's content), but meaning "morsel/snack". The English word "dim sum" refers to the Cantonese variety, the idea of a wide variety of small dishes for lunch also holds for other regions of China.


Awards & Listings:

July 10, 2009
"Watch, ask, taste: Curiosity rewarded at Gold Mountain"

December 25, 2009
"Bright spots in a dark year"

StarCityBlog - Omaha
February 23, 2010
"Gold Mountain: Best Dim Sum in Nebraska?"

July 29, 2012
"Metro Guide 2012: Looking for a good meal? Start here."


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